[SlPo] - Black Swan

[SlPo] - Black Swan

Teaming up for an epic triathlon event: Friends, challenges, and victories. A journey to remember, captured through the lens.

It finally happened! I won't be going alone this time. Despite my efforts to be self-sufficient when attending photo shoot events, I must admit there's a noticeable difference between going solo and having a partner in crime. On my 5th triathlon event, Andrea finally managed to join me.

What a difference it made – suddenly, snacks, water, and basically everything were covered by her. Getting to the event was straightforward: you drive on the highway for an hour, turn left, and you're there. We followed a bike road until we reached the location. Parking was a bit challenging; although we could have parked much closer to the start line, the absence of staff to guide cars prevented us from taking the risk. Therefore, we settled for the first parking spot we could find.

The company of old friends didn't stop at Andrea. This event was especially memorable as our friend Mirko from Banska Bystrica and Alca joined us there too. After swiftly scouting the area for potential photo shoot positions, we proceeded to address the necessary formalities.

Mirko arriving in style.

The race itself proved to be quite captivating. With the sprint triathlon and Olympic triathlon starting in quick succession, there was no shortage of subjects to photograph. Building on the momentum from previous races, we secured another podium finish, this time earning the 2nd place spot in our age group.

As we were packing up, the remaining Olympic triathletes were completing their run. For the first time, I encountered a request for no photographs. One of the athletes asked me not to capture images of him, as he apparently didn't feel his best. Naturally, I complied. I certainly wouldn't want to encounter troubles so early in my photography career.

As always here is a small teaser of what we photographed at the event: