London: The weekend trip
Big Ben at night

London: The weekend trip

Join me on a spontaneous photo adventure in London! 📸 Discover my journey, the single lens I chose for the trip, and the unforgettable shot that made it all worth it. Can you guess the keeper?

Yet another one of these unexpected weekend trips, that you just have to take. It's almost end of November and I am out of paid holidays, my plan is not to use the leftover 1 day that I have left and save it for the Christmas just in case.

Well, that was until my girlfriend unfolded the plans she had for me. She happens to work for a UK based international corporation and around this time of the year they have the yearly team meet up in London. Since, I've never been to London, she persuade me to join her. The plan is simple, she goes there on Sunday few days before me, joins her team and does the needful, afterwards I step in and join her for extended weekend in London.

Sounds good right? I never turn down opportunity to turn the trip into photography exercise, I quickly pack my stuff into a single backpack, this includes the cameras, PC and all the clothing for 4 days long trip. We flight from Bratislava Airport which to my benefit is very close to my flat, so the plan is easy; do all the work meetings before lunch, after lunch head out to the airport, have a beer and chill.

As you can see the selection of lenses is also very simple, there is only one! My good old 50mm F/1.8 prime lens by Sony. Combine with Sony A7C, it makes for a lightweight traveling kit, that's also discrete and doesn't shout "full frame camera"

Itinerary wasn't set in stone, it was more of like whatever we will feel like we will do as long as I get to photograph something. Therefore we ended up going to museums with a combination of some city walking and dining out. During this trip I also found out that it's very mentally tiring to spend 7 hours in a single museum, cough cough Natural History Museum.

In the end, it was very pleasant 4 days in London, the city has to offer a lot for everybody. I was leaving the trip extra happy as I managed to get one keeper photograph, which made me very proud of myself. Try to guess which one it is.